Spoken English & Business Communication

An Overview-

In this unique online class based learning program, we cater to the needs & learning requirements for all kinds of learners through technological and digital learning solutions.

This program is a combination of two essential segments viz Spoken English & Business Communication in which are deisgned to imrove english language skills and learn new tool and techniques of business communication  need at workplace.

The skills imparted during the program would make a learner capable of speaking fluently without hesitation, manage day-to-day work effectivgely and venture into great career opportunities.

speaking skills

Our Offerings-

The program is specially designed for college graduates/freshers/working executives, designed as per Cambridge Business English course content & Learning levels. Some of the modules are-

  • Interview Preparation
  • E-mail Writing
  • Report Writing
  • Presentation Skills
  • Client Facing Scenarios
  • Business Meetings
  • Communication Styles: Responsive, Narrative & Persuasive
  • Hesitation Removal & Confidence Boost Up for Work & Social Gatherings
  • Workplace/Telephonic Etiquettes
  • Spoken Fluency & Listening Skills
  • Applied Grammar & Vocabulary Skills

Teaching Methodology (Online Learning)-

The training for each skill is facilitated by digital learning tools & resources along with well- trained, experienced & certified trainers.

The live online classes ensures individual attention to each student along with peer-group learning. Lesson plans are designed to imporve self self confidence, remove hestitions helping the learners present confidently in front the group in the class 5-6. learners.

It is feasible, quite easy to attend the attend the classes from anywhere using computer of a mobile.Live online english classes are interactive for all the learners.

Online Learning Material:

  • Live Online Classes via Skype/Zoom
  • E-Learning Portal Access for Self-Study
  • Rich Online Learning Content: Videos, Audios, Podcasts, Info-graphics.
  • Webinar Sessions  on English Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Practice Material Uploaded on Google Classroom Weekly: Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking
  • Edu-Game Links for Vocabulary/Word-Puzzles
  • Teacher Chat Support
  • One E-Book on Cambridge Business English
  • Assignments, Mock Tests etc

Learning English with Us- Fun and Interesting!

Practice makes every learner perfect, irrespective of whatever learning level they are at.

In this 8-10 weeks learning program, all the online sessions would be activity and business scenario based, so that the learning experience for every participant remains engaging, interactive and effective till the end of their careers.

Here are few tools related to the same:

  • Role Plays
  • Presentations/Extempore
  • Discussions/ Debates
  • Accent Improvement Exercises
  • Listening Activities
  • Word-Puzzles
  • Newspaper reading
  • Self-Evaluation Tests.

Program Duration & Class Schedule-

In this fast racing world and busy schedules, we tend to miss out on a lot of things that we/have been aspire/aspiring to chase onto.

We have designed the program in a unique- proportionate manner that makes it easy for a learner to manage and devote their time in online language learning.

  • The program is a combination of 1-to-1 and group online classes.
  • Time flexibility for classes: Morning, afternoon & evening slots available starting from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
  •  There are weekend batches as well .

Regular Track

8 weeks/ 4 classes in a week/ 1.5 hours each.

Total classes-32 classes

Total learning hours-48 hours

Extended Track

12 weeks/ 4 classes in a week/ 1.5 hours each

Total classes- 48 classes

Total learning hours- 72 hours

Upon completion of the program, learner will get a certificate by EnglishAhead

Cambridge BEC exam and certification fee is additional.


Meet us online for a program briefing session for detailed need assessment and attend a live online class a guest.

Upon registration, participant appears for pre-program assessments on reading, writing & grammar. The results are then used to design a study plan.

Write to us for registrations- info@englishaheadonline.com

Reach us out at-9953701580/ 011.45558345

Request a call back at-https://forms.gle/8ke8inz31LT4ceiZ6



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