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A Cambridge Business English Certificate program for your employees

Organisations can now opt for a well-structured program in  Business English & Communication for the employees. The program, delivered by EnglishAhead not only takes of learning needs to develop better English communication among employees but also prepares the participants to appear for the Cambridge Business English Certificate exam and get an additional benefit for them. Opt for a qualification that has been globally recognised by more than 20,000 organisations.

Key features

  • business-certificates_block_examCurriculum-based : Cambridge Business English
  • E-learning option for blended learning : based on an international course used in more than 40 countries for basic, intermediate and advanced English with mobile apps
  • Books and customised printed content
  • Pre-program and post-program assessment
  • Delivered at corporate premises by EnglishAhead training team or opt for a complete e-learning solution with live online sessions and tutor support
  • Designed to develop all the language skills
  • 36 hrs. training program in Advanced Business English & Communication6a0120a4e032ad970b014e889cf687970d-320wi
  • 60 hrs. training program in Business English & Communication for basic learners
  • 2 Day workshop on communication, advanced grammar  and listening
  • Pre-program and post-program assessments with Cambridge Business English certification

Program Coverage

  • training-room-1-1546126Managerial and leadership communication
  • Client facing communication
  • Basic and advanced English grammar
  • Business Writing
  • Spoken English
  • Business Vocabulary
  • Modules on listening and spoken
  • Mock sessions for Cambridge exam prep

Learning Options  & Modes 

  • pexels-photo-618549Face To Face Classes
  • Online Classes
  • E-learning Course with Mobile App
  • Books & customised printed  curriculum



Check the present video to know more about  all the programs

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