E-Learning Solution

English Communication Learning using E-Learning Course

A technology-enabled language learning solution for a large group of learners or to be used as a reinforcement tool after classroom sessions.


EnglishAhead distributes and provides blended Language learning programs for individuals, corporates and educational institution using international e-learning courses. The e-learning course is a tried and successful program which has been implemented in more than 40  countries.


EnglishAhead offers self-learning program that is suitable for Indian learners. The program uses the e-learning modules

Key Features :

  • Aims to engage the participants well enough using technology
  • An international E-learning course to be used in via the browser, combined with mobile app
  • Customised self-study plans for each learner
  • For the development of all language skills: Spoken, Listening, Reading and Writing along with grammar and vocabulary
  • Quizzes and puzzle for revision
  • Interactive course with rich multimedia learning components
  • Course level and online assessments mapped to international English exams, IELTS & TOEFL
  • Printed books and lesson plans for the teachers; provided on demand
  • Online academic support by trainers and teachers from EnglishAhead
  • Available in for 6 -12month login





  • Uniform learning
  • Measure the learning effectiveness among the learners
  • Scalable solution to accommodate learners in large volumes 
  • Learners can test their progress on their own using online assessment
  • Trainers can track usage and have online reports about course usage
  • International standards, focussed on formative learning, with 6/12 month logins
  • Multi-purpose usage: For general English learning and also English Exams like TOEFL and IELTS
  • Interactive teaching tools for teachers
  • Learners have online teacher support during the self-study
  • The option of Online Classes for learners


EnglishAhead Solution Components 

  • Elearning course log in for 6-12 month
  • Pre-program and end of program assessments
  • EnglishAhead self-study kit with study plans, printed books and customised study materials
  • English Online tutor support using chats and emails
  • Certificate of completion with grades
  • Optional live online class
  • Business English course books from Cambridge University
  • Teacher training for large scale implementation
  • Blended learning course delivered by EnglishAhead’s academic team


Who Should Enroll


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