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The self learning English language program with online teacher support

We believe and understand that learning English is at it’s best when it is done in collaboration with other learners. Our self-learning program aims to engage the participants well enough to deliver an enriching learning experience. The program has the best in the class international E-learning course, combines the latest internet & mobile app to collaborate and effective self-study plans.It has online academic support provided by a passionate and well trained academic team from EnglishAhead.

The international E-learning program,and the self-study plan by EnglishAhead, is the major component of the self-learning program.

The E-learning product is more than 15 + years in the global market. It has a user base of more than 4 million and has been used in more than 40 countries. A multimedia program is designed for learners and as well as for the teachers of English Language. It has an online course,mobile app and printed study material for learners with basic, intermediate & advanced level courses.

Key Features & Benefits

SMS / WhatsApp Course code ‘EASL’ &

your e-mail  to+91.9953701580 or a call back

Program Components

SMS / WhatsApp Course code ‘EASL’ & your e-mail ID to ‘ 7678366329’ for a call back

Course Levels & Duration

Program Levels : Basic, Intemediate or Advanced as per the assessment results of present level and the learning objectives to be achieved.

Duration : Participants have option to complete one level in 6 months. The course completion happens after a final assessment.The login to the e-learning module will be inactive after the period.

For Employees At All Levels



SMS / WhatsApp Course code ‘EASL’ & your e-mail +91. 767836 6329 for a call back

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SMS / WhatsApp Course code ‘EASL’ to ‘7678366329’ for a call back

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