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3 million

Yes 3 million take up the Cambridge BEC certificate exam every year globally !

The Cambridge Business English (BEC) Certificate


The Business English,  is the language used at work to conduct business. The foundation for an effective oral and written business communication.The Cambridge certificate qualification is the first step to build your communication skills to have a successful corporate career.

What is business communication?

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Business communication is exchanging information in order to promote an organization’s goals, objectives, aims, and activities, as well as increase profits within the company. Business communication involves learning

  • Telephone Etiquette, understand meetings, conversations, interactions, Interviews, presentations etc.                      group of people sitting indoors
  • Writing Emails, memos, reports, Reviews, minutes of the meeting, preparing presentations etc.
  • Understand reports, style of writing, Formal, Informal letters, ding contextual messages
  • Can confidently, interact with colleagues and peers, do presentations in front of large groups, take part in meetings


About BEC Certificate

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Cambridge English: Business Certificate (BEC) is a suite of internationally recognized, certificated examinations at three levels which is set in the context of Indian & International business.

This examination assesses your English language ability in all four skills – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking

The BEC certification is valid for life and is accepted by 25,000 and more top Multinational Companies and B-Schools across the globe.

Click here to view the list of all global institutions accepting the BEC certification.

It is based on the international CEFR.

Click here to know more about CEFR.

One program , multiple results

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Through this program you will learn the essentials of business communication and get a certificate from Cambridge Assessment.

The skills that you will acquire are

  • Spoken fluency
  • Better vocabulary
  • Business world jargons
  • Better self-expression
  • Ways to communicate in meetings, interviews and discussions.
  • Better understanding of business situations
  • Improved English grammar

The program will help enhance career prospects and establish oneself in the business world.

Key features of the program

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Our programs are curated as per the Cambridge Business English standards.

  • We offer both group and 1 to 1 online (Live) classes
  • Group classes are between a maximum of 6-8 students only
  • Individual live sessions with the teacher to clear doubts that the student might otherwise be shy to
  • E-learning portal with practice worksheets, assignments and more for self study
  • Duration: 2-3 months
  • Customized timings available
  • Electronic and printed books from Cambridge
  • Teacher classes with ppts. and videos


What is unique about us ?

We at EnglishAhead aim to deliver quality education and help people achieve success by improving their English language proficiency.

  • High faculty attention
  • Role plays and scenario based learning
  • We aim to improve an individuals overall personality in the corporate world
  • Focus on building confidence
  • Focus on building key Business English skills
  • Programs delivered by expert trainers
  • Online support using mails and chat
  • After class academic support and online peer collaboration


To know more about our programs

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Write to us for a prorgam brochure: or Call : 91.9953701580

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