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“I am comfortable using English; why is there a need for an additional proficiency in business English?”

An Effective & Correct Business Communication will help in:

  • Better idea-expression – creating an impact at work through effective participation

  • Speak fluent English with right vocabulary – building an impression and opinion about your skills among your colleagues, supervisors, and subordinates

  • Improved reading skills – understand emails, written instructions and process details faster & better

  • Written English – Respond fast, express correct and succeed at work. Be it emails or reports.

  • Effective Listening – Overcome the challenges of understanding people who speak fast or incorrect English, native and non-native English speakers.

  • Use Right Business English Vocabulary – Same words but with different usage in written and verbal form create a different impact

EnglishAheadoffers promising learning programs and assessments for learning business English & communication.They are designed for college students & working professionals!

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Program Coverage

  • Managerial Communication

  • Spoken English & Advanced Listening

  • Basic and Advanced Grammar

  • Business Writing

  • Idea-Expression & Comprehension

  • Vocabulary

  • Assessments

Key Features

  • Program based on International curriculum, Cambridge University Press & BBC English

  • Learning Modes :

    • One to One Online Classes

    • Group Online Classes

    • Online Content & Webinars

    • E-learning Course

    • Books and Customised Materials

  • High-level student & teacher interaction.

  • Online & teacher-based assessments

  • Programs designed to develop all skills: Listening, Spoken, Reading and Writing. Extra attention to grammar & vocabulary development

  • Level Based Programs: General & Advanced Levels

  • International certification option. Get a Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC) and enhance your resume

  • Extensive practice sessions

For Whom ?

Customised according to the participants’ needs, the program is designed to raise the English communication levels among working professionals.They are well suited for :

  • First Time Job Seekers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Entry Level Executives

  • HODs & Managers

  • CXOs & Leadership


Course Duration

  • Time Frame :The program can be finished within a max period of 3-4 months/ 12-16 weeks.

  • Class frequency: 2-3 Class in Week of 1.5-2 hrs each

    • Online Classes

  • Self study time: 2-4 hrs per week

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