Spoken English & Business Communication- Online Class Program

Welcome to EnglishAhead Online!


EnglishAhead brings to you, based on Online classes, a Spoken English program for working professionals.

A 3 months training program delivered by experienced trainers and business professionals. Program designed to improve workplace communication for professionals at all level, be it executive or a business leader.



Key Features 


  • Online Classes – 4 hrs of training per week spread across of 2-4 classes
  • Choose between 12 weeks or a 16 week upon assessment and consultation
  • Based on International content and curriculum from BBC English and Cambridge Business English
  • Combination of one to one and group online classes
  • Can attend via mobile or laptop with a broadband or 4G internet connection
  • Live interactive video session for 60 -120 minutes
  • Classes available in the early morning, evening, late evening slots on all the days of the week

Program Design 

  • Spoken activities
  • Group discussions & debatespexels-photo-583842
  • Extempore speaking
  • Presentations & mock sessions
  • Grammar lessons & activities
  • Vocabulary and pronunciation



Program Coverage & Modules 

  • FB SPE 30-08n newGrammar: Basic and Advanced
  • Self Introduction
  • Meetings: Being a Member & Being a Chair
  • Sales Communication
  • Managerial Communication
  • Building and Managing Relations
  • Business Travel
  • Job Interviews & HR Communication
  • Being a Buyer in Supply Chain
  • Board Room Meetings
  • Presenting New Ideas
  • Negotiations
  • Presenting Business Reports


Key Advantages

  • High Teacher Attention
  • Structured Curriculum & Scenarios
  • Extensive Practice
  • All-round spoken skill development: Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening and Speaking

Program Fee – Special Offer 

  • Regular Track- 2-3 Class a week: Rs.6000. for a 3 Months Course
  • Extended Track -3-4 Class a week: INR: Rs.8,500 for 3 Month Course

Next Steps

Attend Demo Class With A Brief Assessment3


Request A Callback


EnglishAhead Education & Training 

MB Road, Saket,New Delhi -110068

Voice , SMS & WhatsApp : +91.99537 01580 | +91 76783 66329

email: – info@EnglishAheadOnline.com




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