Solutions for Schools &PUC: CBSE & State Boards


The leaders of tomorrow & the powerful India are in schools today. The young learners not only require to be being proficient in English language but also has to be highly comfortable with latest medium that connects the world today, the Internet!

Schools can opt for:

  • Pure classroom solution
  • Technology  enabled  blended Learning course  with teacher  training
  • Pure Online Course as a reinforcement & practice tool  for students
  • Teacher training programs for English Language Teaching
  • Have the courses delivered by EnglishAhead Faculty

Offerings are for Middle School & High School , to be covered  in 1-3 Academic year   

  1. 24-48-72 Class Instructor Led Course
  2. 6-12  Month pure Online Course

 Key features: 

  • Complete Coverage for all skills : Listening , spoken , reading , writing  with grammar & vocabulary building
  • Designed using the latest pedagogy  used internationally
  • Online Course, EDO ,offered by ETS – USA the creators of TOEFL program
  • Pedagogy as per CBSE CCE pattern
  • Communicative learning  process using scenarios and topics
  • Student Study Plans
  • Periodic student progress reports
  • Designed for Formative & Summative Assessments as well

Contact us to know more

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