For Teachers

EDO consists of English learning courses, a range of enrichment and community activities for the learner, and a special “teacher’s corner” for teachers equipped with management tools and resources to enable them to best integrate and adapt Edusoft’s online materials to their own classroom style.

All the components of EDO utilize the latest technologies to motivate the learner, provide support and facilitate the learning process. We provide a range of features and options that allow each learner to create an environment that best suits his or her individual preferences, needs, learning style and strategies.

The Teacher Management System

A total delight for Teachers & Instructors !

  • Easy student registration process with import capabilities
  • Comprehensive reporting system
  • Enables teachers to design individualized learning paths for their students
  • An Internet/Intranet based communication system between teachers and students
  • Customization of community features
  • A comprehensive authoring tool for the creation of customized learning paths
  • Easy to use license control (for product distributors only)
  • Customized Home Pages for each institution

Integration Tools

EDO comes with a comprehensive set of integration tools. This enables EDO teachers to take the product beyond the self-access learning mode and turn it into a completely integrated solution. Teachers can Integrate the existing Curriculum in EDO  using the Integration Tools make an existing Course Online !

Teacher Training Program

The introductory training course from  EnglishAhead   is a 4 days seminar introducing the product and the teaching aspects related to implementing the program in various educational scenarios. The course includes an introduction to CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) concepts, an in depth introduction to the product’s different components, practical and theoretical background and hands on experience.

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